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Echoes of the Ancient in the Modern World

KANNA KOLLA Code of Conduct

A Testament to Strength, Honor, and Unity.

In wearing a KANNA KOLLA cap, you embody a code of conduct rooted in strength, honor, and community. As a member of our community, you pledge to uphold the following values:

  1. Dedication to Homeland and Country: Your foremost pursuit in life is to dedicate your efforts to the welfare of your homeland and country, placing their needs before your personal desires.

  2. Dignity and Honor: You maintain your personal dignity and honor at all times, never compromising them for any reason.

  3. Courage in the Face of Adversity: You exhibit courage and resilience, facing life's challenges with strength and determination.

  4. Respect for All: You treat everyone with respect, regardless of their background, status, or beliefs.

  5. Justice and Fairness: You strive to be just and fair in all your interactions, following the principle of mutual respect and understanding.

  6. Nobility of Character: You embody nobility in your actions, showing kindness, compassion, and generosity to others.

  7. Spiritual Purity and Faith: You maintain spiritual purity and faith, seeking wisdom and understanding in all aspects of life.

  8. Modesty and Humility: You remain modest and humble in your achievements, never boasting or seeking undue recognition.

  9. Friendship and Loyalty: You value friendship and loyalty, standing by your friends through thick and thin.

  10. Responsibility and Accountability: You take responsibility for your words and actions, holding yourself accountable for their consequences.

  11. Continuous Improvement: You strive for continuous improvement, seeking to better yourself intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

  12. Courteous and Polite Behavior: You behave courteously and politely in all situations, showing respect to others at all times.

By wearing a KANNA KOLLA cap, you signify your commitment to these principles and your dedication to living a life of strength, honor, and community.